Origami is ancient Japanese art of paper folding to form different shapes and objects. Any paper can be used for origami. Below are top 5 qualities which a child learns through this art of paper folding.

  1. Patience: The perfect way to teach kids about patience is through origami. Folding a paper to form a shape takes time and it takes patient efforts to finish this task.
  2. Perfection: It is important that the folded paper resembles real world object and hence one has to be perfect with the folds. As one starts practicing origami more often, attaining perfection becomes a habit.
  3. Focus: Attention and focus are keys to folding the paper beautifully. The paper itself will demand focus in order to be shaped like an object.
  4.  Appreciation: Origami commands appreciation to things around. We are surrounded by so many things around us and to appreciate the beauty of them we need first to think about them and appreciate them. This is where your child will learn appreciation.
  5. Creativity: One requires creativity and imagination for origami. Thinking about the folds required to form a particular object is a creative process and it helps kids visualize and use their creativity.